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Understand what's going on with your kid(s)

Keep your family & friends up to speed

Welcome to our latest pet project! For obvious reasons, we have been following some newsletters, reading various books and lots of Wikipedia lately, and we realized that science managed to analyze the process of growing up almost down to individual days of development.

There are several parallel developmental theories, differing mainly by focus subject matter. Therefore if you wish to understand what's going on with a child at any given point in time, you really have to keep all of them in mind all the time. Needless to say this proves to be frustratingly hard to do even without the daily pressures of sleep deprivation.

To make things easier on ourselves, we imported the statements from all these theories into a timestamped database. And tried to make it legible and tie it to a string of instant email alerts to keep you and your primary circle updated with reached milestones.
This is almost the complete MVP for the idea.

Of course, keep in mind that it is more of an interactive napkin prototype than a product, so please:

- try to use it,

- report what is preventing you from using it,

- what else you wish it would do,

- and all other feedback that comes to mind: command(at)spockling.com.

It is intentionally ugly, so try to keep design out of your mind, but if there is information you are missing, that’s important for instance.

Hope you have fun with it,

Gaja & Bos
through automatic email notifications, as your kid ticks off yet another developmental milestone.